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At Amazing Grace Moversour priority is making sure when you’re moving to or from Calgary that your experience is stress-free and seamless. Our professional and experienced moving team have got your back. Book your worry-free move with our Calgary based moving company.

You’re moving to a new home, congratulations!

Moving to a new home in Calgary is the perfect opportunity to get organize, declutter, and get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your home.

I am sure you’re very familiar with the popular trend of decluttering your home and the Marie Kondo approach to living. We don’t all have to go to that extreme but when you’re moving to a new home this is perfect opportunity to take a few notes from her book about only keeping items that serve a purpose and bring you joy.

Not only does packing “with purpose” when you’re moving help with the decluttering process it will help make your move go more smoothly, be less stressful, and make moving into your new Calgary home much more seamless.

When packing up your home in preparation for moving day and the arrival of your moving company we suggest setting up boxes and create zones based on the rooms and areas in the new home you’re moving into.

For instance, you can create bins and boxes clearly labelled with the rooms in your new Calgary home like the “Primary Bedroom, Primary Bathroom, Kitchen, Pantry, Living Room, Laundry Room, Front Closet”, etc. Start adding items you know you are taking for sure to corresponding box while simultaneously adding items you no longer need to a box labelled “donations”. By doing this you can avoid moving items to your new home that you no longer need by dropping them off to a donation center before your move, this means less work for you when you unpack and less things to move.

If you’re like many people, getting rid of items can be hard, remember, if your instinct is to donate it then add it to the donation box. If you actually remember the item and want to keep it later on you can always take it back out of the box, however, we’re sure that more often than not, you’ll probably forget about it be glad to you let the item go.

While moving, decluttering, and packing up your home can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be, follow our steps below:

  1. Book your moving company in advance
  2. Set-up and label boxes based on the rooms and areas in your new home
  3. Add items to the boxes with intention
  4. Create a box for donation and add items you do not need or want in your new home to this box
  5. Label your boxes
  6. Drop off your donations
  7. Let your moving company move your organized boxes to your new home
  8. Unpack without having to do any heavy lifting (we’ve got that covered!)

By packing and labelling boxes based on your new home layout it not only makes it easy for your moving company it also ensures all of your items are in the right place when you arrive creating a seamless unpacking process for you.

Once you know you’re moving book us, Amazing Grace Movers, and get boxing, labelling & purging. Then let Calgary’s number one moving company help make your moving day go nice and smoothly. We’ve got the truck and move covered you just need to unpack.

Check step one of your move to your new Calgary home off your list, book Amazing Grace Movers, the best movers in Calgary, and the rest will all fall into place.

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